Back to School

Your students are digital natives, but not the type you want them to be. They know TikTok and their phones like we knew MTV in 1985, but they aren’t familiar with the technology they have to use in your classroom.

That’s why you have to start familiarizing them with the tech they’ll use all year the minute they come back to school.

That’s easier said than done. There’s so little time, and you need to get to know each other and dive into the content. Most of us aren’t technology teachers. We signed up to discuss the Roman Empire and sentence diagramming, not digital citizenship.

But that’s where you are. In order to teach your students in the 21st century, you have to teach them how to use 21st century tools.

So why not blend your back to school routine and early content with tech tutorials?

These are a couple of posts that demonstrate ways to walk for exercise while still getting where you need go, so to speak.

Changing class populations and year-round student transience forced me to think outside the usual beginning of the year classroom activities. Click through to see how I make introductions to beginning of the year procedures work all year in my classroom and to download cheat sheets.
Click here to learn about a method that guides students through getting to know each other and learning classroom procedures while introducing them to the tech they’ll use all year.
As part of my Summer Professional Development series, I've got the third post for you, which is all about how to turn your vacation into a lesson. Learn how to use a choice board to help students use technology to get to know one another and share about their summer vacations. Click through to get the full tutorial!
Click here to learn about building a classroom community and introducing tech at the same time.