Month: September 2014

Get Those Kids out of the Classroom!

I’m always looking to mix things up–even if it’s just to go outside on a beautiful day for a review game or a lesson. Just like anyone else, students appreciate a change of venue. And, let’s face it, different is memorable. This is when I get to have fun with my elective, sociology. I’m fortunate

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Color, Cut, Paste, Fold…POP! (Um…In High School)

You heard me–I’m bringing crafts to high school history class. Pop-ups aren’t just for babies anymore. I’m an equal-opportunity popper. At first, they complain. “We’re not in second grade.”  But slowly, they get into it, and what’s more, they remember it. We’re not just cutting to pass the time. There’s a method to my madness–a

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Life Happens…Just When We Don’t Need it To

I’m a planner. I plan everything–my work day, my family time, my alone time–everything. Maybe it’s from spending most of my life listening for a bell to ring. I’m serious. When my son was a baby, I had a schedule that read like this: 6:00 AM, feed baby; 6:15, rock baby; 6:45, put baby in

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