Month: December 2014

Holiday Break…What?

Yes, it is confusing…the holiday break. I, once again, awoke on the first morning of the break to the scratchy-throat-ed awareness that I was sick. I have a mile-long to do list each holiday, and each holiday, I get sick. I wallow on the couch, occasionally trying to get something done, but eventually succumbing to

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Collaborative Testing and New Year’s Freebies

This is how we usually test in my classroom: We break out the dividers, and close ourselves off. Talking is a cardinal sin, and we look down, down, down. That’s how testing should be, right? Well…yes. Most of the time. But last week, we tried something new. Collaborative testing. Notice, the dividers are stacked against

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Who Doesn’t Love Scrap-booking?

Especially when it’s about crime. Oh yes, all about crime. In my sociology class this past week, we cut out articles from the newspaper, explained what type of crimes they exemplified, and analyzed them under the umbrella of specific sociological theories. It was engaging for the students, plus it re-enforced the information we needed to

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