Month: January 2015

Task Cards and Test Reviews

I love using task cards to teach. They’re great for introducing concepts, especially for vocabulary content and grammar practice. Get Vocabulary Task Cards Here! Get Parts of Speech Task Cards Here! Get Verbals Task Cards Here! But my new favorite way to use task cards is for test review. Since one task is printed on each small card, they do

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Self-Doubt Among Teachers…Why We “Feel” Bad

Tonight, I was reading a blog post featured in The Washington Post by Ellie Herman. The title, Why So Many Teachers Feel Bad so Much of the Time, caught my eye. I clicked on it from twitter because I was curious. As a teacher who loves my job but often feels bad, I was intrigued. Was it

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How I Get to Know My Students

Since I teach on the block schedule, I start over every semester. If you read my “Ringing in the (Teacher) New Year” post, then you know that my goal is always to learn my students’ names by the end of the first day. It’s great for classroom management but also a lot of fun to

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New Year, New Students

Today was my first day back with the students. The unique situation in my county is that we are on the block schedule. That means I have all new students…new faces and names to remember, new parents to get to know. I have mixed feelings about the block schedule. On the one hand, we get

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