Month: February 2015

Looking for a laugh to help you get through your teaching day? Check out my top 10 list of funniest moments in my teaching career! Secondary students always seem to provide the funniest stories!

February Funnies: My Top 10 “Jenius” Moments

Oh teaching…there never was a job more frustrating…or more fun. And some of the best stories come from middle and high school classrooms. That’s why several secondary bloggers are linking up this week to share some of our funniest classroom moments with you!     Throughout the years that I’ve spent in the classroom, I

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Love is in the Blogosphere this Valentine’s Day!

    Every culture has different Valentine’s traditions. Whether they call it Valentine’s Day or not, most cultures devote at least one day a year to the celebration of love.     In the U.S. and many western nations, we give cards, chocolates, flowers, and even jewelry to our sweethearts on February 14.   In

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Why We Do It (Teach, That Is)

Today was…Monday… and like many teachers (and students) out there, I hit snooze more than once. I rolled into work with an extra-large, extra-strong cup of coffee. I didn’t have my glasses–I broke them on Friday, so I was kind of disoriented. Fortunately for others on the road, I’m far-sighted. I had a mile-long to-do

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