Month: April 2015

I'm coming at you with spring survival tip #4, which is all about keeping grades front and center. If you work with secondary students, like I do, then this is especially important, because students don't want to have to take courses again. So, I'm sharing my best AND easiest tips on grading at the end of the year and for making students away of their grades in your class. Click through to read!

Spring Survival Tip #4: Make Grades the Star

Three more Mondays and nineteen more days to go until eight weeks of summer bliss. My students are counting down, I’m counting down, and I’m sure you’re counting down. I started my Spring Survival tips series with nine weeks to go. You can catch up on them here–#9, #8, #7, #6, and #5.Today was particularly

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Have you heard of a gallery walk? That's my fifth spring survival tip! Have your students help you post information around the classroom, and then have your students rotate from one poster, chart paper, or trifold to the next. It gets them moving and keeps them engaged, so click through to learn more about it.

Spring Survival Tip #5: Have a Gallery Walk

  These last few weeks of school are brutal–for us and the students. They don’t want to be there, and we don’t want to fight for their attention. If you’ve been following my blog for the past few weeks, you know I’ve been counting down to summer break with spring survival tips. If you haven’t,

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When it comes down to it, a lot of instructional time is lost to standardized testing, snow days, assemblies, and all sorts of other events. How do we fit in all the curriculum? How do we know what really matters? I'm sharing the three things that really matter to me and my students' instruction in this post, and I hope those three ideas inspire you, too.

What Really Matters

I was, oh, so young 13 years ago when I first started teaching–I didn’t realize how young. My parents would be quick to say that I still don’t realize how young I am. But my son–he thinks I’m old. So do my students. So, when I first started teaching, I was going to change to

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