Month: July 2015

Looking for some books to read during your down time in the summer? I'm sharing a list of a few books I've read that I thoroughly enjoyed, and some of them will even make great choices for literature circles in some secondary classes, like sociology. Click through to get the whole list and read a brief synopsis of each recommended book!

Summer Hometown Tourist: Rain, Rain, What to Read?

It’s been a rainy week in Georgia, and the rain has foiled our plans. On Saturday (Happy July 4!) we were supposed to visit the historic Marietta Square for a parade, antiquing, and fireworks. But it was a no-go (thank you, rain). We’re going to go there this Thursday, weather permitting. We did grill (under

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Chapter 4 of Differentiation and the Brain is all about effectively utilizing pre-assessments and feedback. The authors of this book argue that grading pre-assessments and formative assessments isn't the right way to go, and they say the same about closed-ended questioning. What do they recommend instead? Click through to read a summary of the chapter and find out!

Differentiation and the Brain: Ch. 4, Assessment

I’m working on my craft (teaching) this summer by doing a book study with the Tools for Teaching Teens group. If you’re just joining us, you can hop on over to Ellie’s blog for ch.1, Brigid’s for ch. 2, and Brittany’s for ch. 3. You’ll find quite a bit of overlap between chapters 3 and

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