Month: November 2015

Although Thanksgiving often brings it about, we should take time to consider what we're thankful for many times throughout the year. What am I thankful for? Teachers Pay Teachers. During a rough time in our lives, Teachers Pay Teachers came through to help us get through that financial tough spot--and it involved me getting over my mindset that all teachers should share everything freely.

What I Am Thankful For

We have a lot to be thankful for around here. My husband and I are employed (I almost said gainfully, but we are, after all, teachers :)). We just had a week off complete with perpetual turkey coma in the form of an obscene amount of leftovers. We have three more weeks of work, and

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Vocabulary review is not the most riveting activity; we all know that--and so do our students. This is where Quizlet comes to the rescue to make it more fun. I describe three different, engaging, and useful ways that you can use Quizlet to review vocabulary for upcoming assessments in this post.

Use Quizlet for Quick Vocabulary Reviews

Today, in my psychology class, I knew the students needed a vocabulary review–their blank stares when I started talking vocabulary gave it away. I didn’t want to do anything too major, as we had a lesson to get to, but they have a quiz coming up, and it was painfully obvious that no one had

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Student burnout is as real an issue as teacher burnout is. What can we do to help our students feel less overwhelmed and to make their school work seem more manageable? I describe the system I tried in my class and why I think it's an important structure for students to have.

Helping Your Students Overcome Burnout

I have been shaking my head over test and quiz scores here in the second 9 weeks of the term. I had been so proud of my students for working really hard and doing so well during the first 9 weeks that the past two weeks of indifference I’ve encountered have caught me off guard.

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