Month: January 2016

Stations and Submitting Pen and Paper Work in a Blended Classroom

I’ve been enjoying my digital classroom. I love using Google Classroom as an organizational tool for both my students and myself. But, as I mentioned LAST WEEK, I’m not ditching the paper interactive notebooks all together. Sometimes, students need to color, fold, paste, and write. The digital classroom is highly differentiated, so I’ve been making

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Blending My Classes One Unit at a Time

A blended classroom is when a teacher combines digital learning with face to face instruction. I was reticent to do this at first because I have these complete interactive notebook units that are completely paper-based, and I’ve had a lot of success with them. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it–right? My school system is

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Troubleshooting in Google Classroom for Beginners

Week one of using Google Classroom has come to a close for me, and it’s been the biggest game-changer already (for me) since interactive notebooks. Case in point–I have a lot to grade this weekend, but I brought home zero papers. This is what grading looks like now: Earlier today, I was lounging on the

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