Month: April 2016

You can use Google Classroom to assist your students in real time! There's a function that allows you to check on the assignments your students are completed in Google Classroom, and you can send them messages, help them with their assignments, and more.

Google Classroom Hack #5: Help Students Succeed in REAL Time

I’m wrapping up the school year with Google Classroom hacks. The entire point of these hacks is to simplify your life while holding the students accountable up to the bitter end. The last six weeks are always the hardest. The weather is beautiful, the students are checked out, and we’re all exhausted. The last thing

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Google Classroom can take a while to load, so use this color-coding trick to make grading faster--without waiting for loading! If you color code your drag-and-drop or matching assignments, you can grade by simply looking at the thumbnail. Piece of cake!

Google Classroom Hack #6: Grade at a Glance with Colors

Last year at about this time, I started a spring survival series on my blog. And that seems to be necessary. The weather is warming, the student’s wardrobes are pushing the limits, and so are their attention spans. And why not? Down here in balmy Georgia, we only have six more weeks until that glorious

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What's the deal with Quizlet Live and Quizzizz? I've broken down the similarities and differences between these two tools to help you decide which one might be a better fit for your blended classroom.

Is Quizlet Live or Quizizz Best for Your Class?

   Kahoot before, but so much is new since then. So I thought I’d compare two really good vocabulary review tools that I’ve been experimenting with in my classroom to maybe save you some sifting time.The availability of so many tools to support review and formative assessment can be both a blessing and a curse

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