Month: May 2016

Worried that creativity will diminish if you transition to a 1:1 classroom? No need to worry if you employ Google Classroom! I explain how I was able to engage my students during the LAST week of school with creative projects using Google Classroom. It is possible!

Google Classroom Hack #1: Stay Organized with Creative Projects

School is almost over. Three more days, but most importantly, zero more Mondays. I am about to complete my 15th year in the classroom, and in that time, I’ve noticed that three things in education have remained consistent through the years (for me, anyway). 1. Nothing ever stays the same. The bureaucrats love shaking things

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Turn your students into the teachers with this Google Classroom hack! Have your students collaborate on a Google Slides presentation that reviews all of the content from your unit (or year!). You can pair them off and assign each pair certain parts, and for assessing them you can create a rubric to make sure their slides meet the criteria. Easy as that!

Google Classroom Hack #2: Collaborative Review with Google Slides

One more week and four days for us. I’ve been counting down to summer with Google Classroom Hacks that make our lives easier. There’s so much to learn about Google Classroom–too much to decide sometimes. I’ve discussed grading at a glance with color, monitoring student work in real time, sending out quick reminders, and formative

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Google Classroom provides an easy way to remind students to finish their assignments. You can target students who are "done" and "not done," and you can send emails to those particular groups. Remind them that their assignment is due, ask if they need clarification--whatever you need to tell them, it can be done in a flash!

Google Classroom Hack #4: Send Out Reminders in a Flash!

Three more Mondays in the school year after today, and I am excited! I’m also losing focus. I find myself wanting to hit snooze just one (or five) more times. Game of Thrones is whispering my name in dulcet tones when I should be grading papers. It is still light at 7:30 P.M., making that novel

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