Month: June 2016

1:1 Ready: Use Screencastify and Flip

This summer, I’m getting 1:1 ready with simple tips, tricks, and discoveries for the blended classroom. We return in the fall (well, summer, really–90+ degree August hardly qualifies as fall) to a shiny Chromebook in each student’s hand and a skeptical furrow on each teacher’s brow. My goal is to make the impending transition as

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1:1 Ready: Use Flubaroo to Make Self-Grading Quizzes

I’m spending my summer break getting 1:1 ready. Each and every one of my students will show up for class this fall armed with a brand new, glistening Chromebook. This is happening to me. Me. The great lover of foldables, coloring, cloze notes, and good old fashioned interactive notebooks. But I learned a long time

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1:1 Ready: Inserting Images and Films into Google Forms

We are officially on summer break at our house (except for my son’s summer math classes, but we won’t mention those). There are two things this family of teachers is focusing on this summer. 1. Continuing our summer hometown tourist tradition.2. Getting 1:1 ready for the new school year. I will be posting 2016’s first

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