Month: April 2018

Every secondary teacher looks for ways to avoid lecture, and this speed drawing activity is a great replacement! Break your lesson up into centers and set out reading and butcher block paper at each one. Students rotate from center to center to read and speed draw! Click through to learn more about this high school social studies activity.

Get Students Moving with Speed Drawing

I’m still here, counting down to summer break with Simple Spring Engagement Tips. Last week, I talked about a crazy easy way to get students excited about the humble discussion. This week, I’m linking up with an amazing group of teachers to talk about something that, even though it is effective (especially in the heady

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Looking for new ways to grab students' attention in the classroom? Use your smartphone to snap pictures of parts of the discussion as part of the documentation! This is a simple way to make discussions count and to make lessons more engaging. Click through to get more information about this teaching technique!

Use Your Smartphone to Make Discussions Count

Spring is in the air (despite the need for sweaters in mid April), and the students are feeling it. They may be feeling it a bit more this year because of our lack of an actual spring. Something magically happens to their already abbreviated attention spans after spring break come rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine.

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