Year: 2018

Classroom management can be made so much easier with technology, and thankfully, a teacher in the Netherlands made a tech tool to help simplify classroom management to a single screen! This post tells all about Classroom Screen and the many different ways it can be used for classroom management. Click through to read more!

Classroom Management on a SINGLE Screen

I am the type of teacher who is always willing to try new technology in the classroom. Latest tech tip? I’ll give it a go. Shiniest new app? I like shiny things. Pixels on the screen configured to grab my students’ attention? Well, okay–that’s a hard won thing.   The trouble is, I find myself

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Do you have a copy limit at your school? This is a common obstacle for teachers, so this blog post provides a tutorial for how to make your worksheets work digitally. The steps in this post share how to turn printables into PDFs so students can edit them digitally. Click through to get the tutorial!

Make Your Worksheets Work Digitally

I realized an important truth recently–I have been hopelessly spoiled for the past sixteen years. I did not have a copy limit in my school system. It took moving to a school system with a strict copy limit for me to realize the unabashed luxury of my former situation. I call this an important truth

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