Month: July 2019

Tech of The Week: Go Places with Google Tour Builder

I first encountered Google Tour Builder a couple of years ago at a tech conference and it recently came to my attention that I’ve never mentioned it on my blog. What an oversight–it’s such a useful tool! If you never have, Google Tour Builder is something you should try in your classroom. You can create

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Tech of The Week: Save Time by Linking Data

I use Google Sheets to keep track of a lot of data in my classes. This data has a tendency to become tedious because I gamify my classroom. This means that I have sheets that I use to keep up with XP (experience points students earn each day), another sheet that communicates that information to

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Tech of The Week: Easily Keep Parents Updated

Our students aren’t the only ones bombarded by information–their parents are swamped, too. And for high school students, it’s likely that we as teachers spend more time with them on a week day than their parents do (between clubs, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, family face-to-face time can be sparse). So parents are busy and

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