Month: November 2019

Do you struggle to implement personalized learning in your "standardized" classroom? I know I do. That's why I've started a new series on my blog, "Baby Steps to Personalized Learning." In the first post, I discuss what personalized learning is and how we can SLOWLY implement it using finite student choice.

Assessment and Personalized Learning in a Standardized Classroom

This is the second part of my series, Baby Steps to Personalized Learning. I’m using this series to discuss small ways to bring personalized learning into our standardized classrooms. Last week, we discussed An Easy Way to Personalize Learning with Student Choice. This week is all about assessment. And that’s a bit more tricky. Assessment

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There is a dynamic vision of personalized learning that is student driven, creative, and laser-focused on specific learning targets. This vision of personalized learning teaches students to take ownership of their learning and to become life-long learners, as they will surely need to be in our rapidly changing economy. This post discusses bringing together the Baby Steps to Personalized Learning and taking the leap.

An Easy Way to Personalize Learning with Student Choice

Personalized Learning is the phrase of the day in education. And for a good reason. ISTE defines personalized learning as pedagogy that “tailors instruction, expression of learning and assessment to each student’s unique needs and preferences.” That’s amazing–and exactly what we as teachers want to offer for our students. But it’s also daunting. We live

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