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How can you use technology to do stations in secondary education? Easy! This simple Station-Rotation model, which is very much like what is commonly use in elementary schools, is a great way to incorporate at least one digital station while getting your students moving and practicing different skills.

The Blended Classroom: A SIMPLE Station-Rotation Model

We’re mixing pen and paper with digital in our blended classrooms, and everything’s going great. At first (for me) it was just about throwing in some digital resources. The kids love it. It’s easy for me. But now that I’m getting a little more comfortable with it, I’m starting to experiment with different ways to

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Lectures are a traditional stand-by teaching method, especially in social studies. However, there are lots of ways to make class more interactive and engaging for students. I share five instructional methods I've started using in my classroom that make my teaching more interactive and that provide an alternative to lecturing.

5 Easy Alternatives to Lecture

I don’t know about you, but the new school year is in full swing, and things are crazy around here (stacks of papers to grade, keeping my son on track with his new homework load, planning for a new course, and cooking dinner, oh, my). But something has been at the forefront of my mind

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Do you struggle to make students understand that Googling is not research? Me, too. I have a method to teach students research in small bites and at the end, they are published website authors! Click through to get my step-by-step instructions for how I implement it, video tutorial for Easy Bib, and cheat sheet for building a Google Site!

How To Make Research Meaningful and Accessible

My count-down to summer series this year is all about teaching those unfamiliar beings in our classrooms popularly referred to as Generation Z. Last week, I discussed how I make lecture work for them. This week is all about research. In the introduction to this series, I identified five traits they collectively share (give or take): 1.

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to reach your students? I know I do! Here I'm discussing how I have started tweaking my lectures to make them more accessible to Generation Z. Click through to find out what I do!

How To Spin The Old-Fashioned Lecture for Micro Attention Spans

My count-down to summer series this year is all about teaching those unfamiliar beings in our classrooms popularly referred to as Generation Z. In the introduction to this series, I identified five traits they collectively share (give or take): 1. They have smaller attention spans than previous generations.2. There’s a lot of “noise” in their lives.

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As teachers, even if we swore we wouldn't, we sometimes find ourselves saying, "Kids these days!" And with good reason. Generations change, and more rapidly than ever before with rapid technological shifts. Check out this introduction to a new series on reaching the latest generation--Gen Z. Click through, my fellow educators, and we'll strategize together.

The Next Challenge in Education: Teaching Gen Z

Every year since 2015, I’ve done a spring series that counts down to summer. Last year, I discussed Simple Spring Engagement Tips. Before that, I did Spring Tech Tips. In 2016, I did Google Classroom Hacks, and way, way back in the balmy days of 2015, we all learned about some Spring Survival Tips together.

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Interactive Student Notebooks are not just for lower grades. They are extremely beneficial for high school students if we implement them mindfully. They are valuable organizational tools and provide tangible visual learning opportunities. Click through for frequently asked questions and answers about using ISNs in the high school classroom.

Why Use Interactive Notebooks in High School?

Most high school teachers have strong opinions about Interactive Student Notebooks (ISNs). They either love them or hate them. They see the benefit of using them or they see them as too juvenile and a time drain. Students are the same. When first trying to implement them a few years ago, I heard the common

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QR Codes may seem like old news to many teachers. But there are so many more ways to use them than just linking to websites. Teachers can embed text and images within QR Codes to create a more interactive classroom. Click through to discover 10 creative ideas for using QR Codes in the classroom. Don't forget to download the Cheat Sheet and the editable templates!

10 Ways to Use QR Codes to Build An Interactive Classroom

These days QR Codes are old news, and in 1:1 classrooms, they may seem redundant. Why not just share the link digitally with students? But there are so many ways to use QR Codes in the classroom besides linking to websites that can really spice up your lessons and make learning more interactive. You can

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There is a lot of pressure on teachers -- pressure we put on ourselves and pressure from outside sources. Moreover, there is a lot of pressure to be perfect. But, perfection isn't always attainable in the classroom! Click through to read this blog post about why it's healthier for teachers to start focusing more on being good teachers and less on being perfect teachers.

Teachers, We Need to Scrap Perfection And Go for Good

There’s something about me that you may not know–I am an extremely high strung introvert. I often come across as laid back, but that’s only if you don’t know me. If you walk into my classroom on a given day, I am calm and smiling, and my desk looks like Einstein’s (that would be fine

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Are you still taking late work? You're working harder than you have to. Click through to learn about this simple method for NOT taking late work and still giving students a second chance.

Solving The Late Work Problem

“A student slaves from dusk till dawn, but a teacher’s work is never done.” Okay, I made that one up, but it sounds good…right? Our society counts “busy” as a virtue. And teachers are busy. So working in a classroom must put us all up front for those shiny halos. We teachers work hard, and

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