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Take your students to far-off places without ever leaving your classroom with Google Tour Builder. It’s a free, user-friendly app that brings presentations to life with Google Maps. Click through to grab the free cheat sheet and get started!

Tech of The Week: Go Places with Google Tour Builder

I first encountered Google Tour Builder a couple of years ago at a tech conference and it recently came to my attention that I’ve never mentioned it on my blog. What an oversight–it’s such a useful tool! If you never have, Google Tour Builder is something you should try in your classroom. You can create

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Data entry can be tedious, so my goal is to only have to enter it once. That’s why I link my Google Sheets together. Click through to find out how I do it and to grab the free cheat sheet!

Tech of The Week: Save Time by Linking Data

I use Google Sheets to keep track of a lot of data in my classes. This data has a tendency to become tedious because I gamify my classroom. This means that I have sheets that I use to keep up with XP (experience points students earn each day), another sheet that communicates that information to

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Teachers are insanely busy. One of the purposes of technology in the classroom should be to make our lives easier. In this post, I’ll tell you how I simplify my life by fulfilling administrative obligations and keeping parents in the loop all at the same time with Google Slides. Click through to find out what I do!

Tech of The Week: Easily Keep Parents Updated

      Our students aren’t the only ones bombarded by information–their parents are swamped, too. And for high school students, it’s likely that we as teachers spend more time with them on a week day than their parents do (between clubs, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, family face-to-face time can be sparse).   So

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This week's Tech of The Week discusses how to use the site to create free and effortless digital puzzles that are bound to impress your students and admin!

Tech of The Week: Use Learning Apps to Impress

Here is a puzzle in one of my digital escape rooms: Preview The Escape Room HERE. It looks complicated to make, right? Nope. Puzzles like these are crazy easy to make, thanks to You can check out this post for a cheat sheet and video tutorial about how to create puzzles and activities using

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Every week this summer, I'm giving a quick tech tip for you to use in your classroom. This week, I show you how to make gifs for classroom instruction--they are an easy way to give students visual instructions!

Tech of the Week: Making Gifs for Classroom Instruction

I hope your vacation has begun and you are having a happy summer. If not–it will be here soon! As always, I’m relaxing and spending time with family and friends this summer, but I’m also taking time for a little professional learning. Every week between now and the end of summer break, I’m going to

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QR Codes may seem like old news to many teachers. But there are so many more ways to use them than just linking to websites. Teachers can embed text and images within QR Codes to create a more interactive classroom. Click through to discover 10 creative ideas for using QR Codes in the classroom. Don't forget to download the Cheat Sheet and the editable templates!

10 Ways to Use QR Codes to Build An Interactive Classroom

These days QR Codes are old news, and in 1:1 classrooms, they may seem redundant. Why not just share the link digitally with students? But there are so many ways to use QR Codes in the classroom besides linking to websites that can really spice up your lessons and make learning more interactive. You can

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Technology in the classroom can be a huge help -- and sometimes it can be a burden. To enhance learning and really help students comprehend, this blog post shares 10 simple tech tools that will get the job done. Click through to read about all of the tech tools!

10 Simple Tech Tools to Take Learning to the Next Level

Technology can be an amazing tool in the classroom. But I think we need to be mindful when implementing it. Standards and content should always come first. If technology offers us a way to better teach the content, then we should use it. If it doesn’t, then we should leave it. We should be careful

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Make differentiating your lessons a breeze with the help of AutoMastery! AutoMastery is a free add-on for use with Google Forms, and it helps teachers differentiate instruction in a snap. Learn more about how this add-on works and how you can use it to make leveled assignments in your secondary classroom in this blog post!

How to Differentiate with AutoMastery

I’ve been counting down to summer break with simple spring engagement tips. It’s hard to believe that there are only two weeks left in the 2017-2018 school year, but our goal is to finish strong (even though most of us [ahem…me] aren’t feeling strong). In the words of one of my former admins, “We need

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