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I'm back with Spring Tech Tip #2, which is all about Super Teacher Tools! This resource allows teachers to customize games for classroom use and has some integration with Google Classroom. Learn some fun ways to use Super Teacher Tools and about how to use it in this blog post!

Spring Tech Tip 2: Give SuperTeacherTools a Try

I’m counting down to summer with SIMPLE Spring Tech Tips because, let’s face it, we still need to engage our students right up to the bitter end, but none of us need anything complicated in our lives at this point.   So far, I’ve talked about using Learningapps for quick reviews, making your PowerPoint presentations

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We're counting down to the end of the school year with spring tech tips, and Spring Tech Tip 3 is to customize your Google Classroom theme! Students can get bored with Google Classroom, but changing the header to pictures of your students working in class helps keep their attention! Click through to read this tutorial.

Spring Tech Tip 3: Customize Your Google Classroom Theme

Three. More. Weeks. We can do this. But it’s difficult to keep the students engaged here at the end. So I’m counting down to summer break with simple spring tech tips that will help you mix things up for the students but still be easy for you to implement. So far I’ve discussed creating LearningApps,

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My fourth Spring Tech Tip is all about getting started with EDpuzzle, a free app that integrates with Google Classroom! With EDpuzzle, you can shorten clips, insert questions into the clips, and track whether students actually watch the clips. Click through to learn more and get a tutorial for setting it up!

Spring Tech Tip 4: Get Started with EDpuzzle

Here at the end, when we’re racing to fit everything in and the students are actively resisting, mixing it up becomes even more important. One of my favorite ways to do that is with the video webquest.   The video webquest enables students to learn a lot in a short amount of time, and it

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Did you know that you can type in present mode in PowerPoint? No? Well, you're in luck, because this post gives you a tutorial of how to do that! Click through to read the steps, look at graphics, AND watch a video showing you how to type in present mode in PowerPoint!

Spring Tech Tip 5: Type in Present Mode in PowerPoint

  I’m counting down to summer break with SIMPLE spring tech tips. Here at the end, we want to mix things up and engage the students, but amid review season, we don’t want to throw anything too complicated into that mix. I’ve written about a simple website called Learning Apps to engage your students in

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Even at the end of the school year, sometimes a lecture can't be avoided in the secondary classroom. However, you can make that lecture more interesting and engaging by using Poll Everywhere. I give a quick tutorial about how to use Poll Everywhere in this blog post.

Spring Tech Tip 6: Wake Up Presentations with Poll Everywhere

The irony of spring is that while it’s the time of year that arguably matters most (photo finish with the curriculum, not to mention testing season), it’s also the time of year that is the most difficult to engage our students.The seniors have their caps and gowns and the underclassmen have their summer daydreams. But

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LearningApps is a free website that teachers can use to engage their students in interactive reviews, games, and quizzes. I'm sharing more about how Learning Apps works and how you can get the most of out of it in my new Spring Tech Tip series post!

Spring Tech Tip 7: Add Variety with LearningApps

The school year is winding down, the natives (teachers and students) are getting restless, and it’s time for my annual countdown to summer vacation. In the past, I’ve written about Spring Survival Tips and Google Classroom Hacks to help us all survive the heady springtime. This year, I’m moving in a different direction. I want to

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Have you run into the issue of not being able to access a website due to Adobe Flash not being enabled? This happened to me during a recent lesson, and after a quick in-class Google, I figured out how to enable Adobe Flash on a Chromebook. This short blog post explains exactly how to fix this problem so that you don't run into the same mid-class problem that I did!

Enabling Adobe Flash on a Chomebook

My students were working on a simple activity in class last week–at least I thought it was simple.   They were to take a virtual tour of a medieval manor. They were to answer questions regarding that tour. They were to drag and drop pieces to label the parts of a manor.   I assigned

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Digital task cards are great, but just like more traditional teaching methods, they can become stale and old when used too frequently. In this post I describe how I switch up my digital task cards to make them more interesting for students. Be sure to read the post and chime in with how you update your content mid-year to keep it fresh for students!

Try Something New–Digital Task Cards

I was talking to a group of my social studies friends not too long ago about how easy it is to fall into a rut–even with the fun stuff. Kahoot!, Jeopardy, Quizlet Live, Quizziz, Gallery Walks, Cutting and Folding, Stations–these are all fun, for us and the students, but once you’re halfway through the year

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Google Forms now has a self-grading quiz feature! When I wrote about Google Forms in the past, you needed to have an add-on in order to make your quizzes in Google Classroom self-grading. However, Google Forms has updated since then, and now you can make your quizzes self-grading. In this blog post, I walk you through a step-by-step tutorial of how to set this up in your own Google Classroom!

Using Google Forms to Create Self-Grading Quizzes

I’ve discussed ways to use Google Forms in the classroom in these blog posts: Inserting Images and Films and Formative Assessment. The video post sums it all up! But when I discussed Forms last, you needed an add-on to make them self-grading. I LOVE forms because there are so many things you can do with them

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Classroom management is a challenge in and of itself, and adding technology to the classroom just opens a whole new can of worms. I've compiled three tips that I've found useful, in terms of classroom management, when you have a blended classroom. These tips are simple and easy to implement, but they'll save you headaches and frustration when classroom management issues arise.

Three Tips For Managing Your Blended Class

One of the most difficult tasks for a teacher is classroom management. Picture the young teacher who can’t get a grasp on it and quits in frustration. Or worse–the veteran teacher who never got a grasp on it, but continued to teach anyway. Some people seem to have a knack for classroom management. Others have

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