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Have you run into the issue of not being able to access a website due to Adobe Flash not being enabled? This happened to me during a recent lesson, and after a quick in-class Google, I figured out how to enable Adobe Flash on a Chromebook. This short blog post explains exactly how to fix this problem so that you don't run into the same mid-class problem that I did!

Enabling Adobe Flash on a Chomebook

My students were working on a simple activity in class last week–at least I thought it was simple.   They were to take a virtual tour of a medieval manor. They were to answer questions regarding that tour. They were to drag and drop pieces to label the parts of a manor.   I assigned

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Digital task cards are great, but just like more traditional teaching methods, they can become stale and old when used too frequently. In this post I describe how I switch up my digital task cards to make them more interesting for students. Be sure to read the post and chime in with how you update your content mid-year to keep it fresh for students!

Try Something New–Digital Task Cards

I was talking to a group of my social studies friends not too long ago about how easy it is to fall into a rut–even with the fun stuff. Kahoot!, Jeopardy, Quizlet Live, Quizziz, Gallery Walks, Cutting and Folding, Stations–these are all fun, for us and the students, but once you’re halfway through the year

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Google Forms now has a self-grading quiz feature! When I wrote about Google Forms in the past, you needed to have an add-on in order to make your quizzes in Google Classroom self-grading. However, Google Forms has updated since then, and now you can make your quizzes self-grading. In this blog post, I walk you through a step-by-step tutorial of how to set this up in your own Google Classroom!

Using Google Forms to Create Self-Grading Quizzes

I’ve discussed ways to use Google Forms in the classroom in these blog posts: Inserting Images and Films and Formative Assessment. The video post sums it all up! But when I discussed Forms last, you needed an add-on to make them self-grading. I LOVE forms because there are so many things you can do with them

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Classroom management is a challenge in and of itself, and adding technology to the classroom just opens a whole new can of worms. I've compiled three tips that I've found useful, in terms of classroom management, when you have a blended classroom. These tips are simple and easy to implement, but they'll save you headaches and frustration when classroom management issues arise.

Three Tips For Managing Your Blended Class

One of the most difficult tasks for a teacher is classroom management. Picture the young teacher who can’t get a grasp on it and quits in frustration. Or worse–the veteran teacher who never got a grasp on it, but continued to teach anyway. Some people seem to have a knack for classroom management. Others have

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Blended learning is made easier with a new categorization feature in Google Classroom! Now when you create assignments in Google Classroom, you can categorize them by topic. Then, when students are searching for a topic, they'll be able to see all of the assignments--and only those assignments--for that topic! Making your life easier one feature at a time!

Help Students Stay Organized With The Google Classroom Stream

I’m writing all about blended classroom tips and tricks over the next few weeks–those really useful things I’ve “discovered” as I go hybrid (pen and paper blended with digital). So far, we’ve learned how to submit pen and paper work digitally with a Chromebook and how to take a poll in Google Classroom. I’m loving

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Look no further for a new way to poll your students using technology! Google Classroom provides an excellent polling tool that you can use quickly and efficiently. Plus, it sets up the opportunity for you to encourage a discussion reflecting the results--were they what students expected? Why or why not?

Poll Students with Google Classroom

Throughout this school year, as I discover things that I think are really cool or useful for the blended classroom (learn more about blended learning HERE), I’ll write all about them. They may be things everybody else already knows, but they are novel to me, so I’m pretty excited. Lewis and Clark wrote all about

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It's totally possible to still have your students complete pen-and-paper assignments while simultaneously using technology. If you use Chromebooks at your school, then this is a tutorial I've created for you to have your students turn in their written assignments to Google Classroom using a Chromebook. It's not as challenging as you might think, although it seems tricky at first!

Submitting Pen and Paper Work Digitally With a Chromebook

I’ve been back at school for over a month now, and we have officially gone 1:1. Each one of my students has her own Chromebook. No more fighting over technology carts on my hall. No more changing plans at the last second because the technology cart must be used for a “higher” purpose. It is

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What have you taught your students about digital citizenship? There's a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid before we can jump right into a 1:1 classroom. Teachers can't assume that students know about copyright laws and plagiarism, and they also can't assume that students have been taught how to use the Internet safely. This post will help you get your classroom ready for 1:1 technology integration by giving you tips for teaching these important concepts.

1:1 Ready: Teaching Digital Citizens

As teachers, most of us have more content than we can possibly teach well, let alone cover, in the time allotted to us.   Time has always been our enemy, but now we see 1:1 on the horizon, and a blended classroom promises to alleviate much of that stress. It is easier to flip, differentiate,

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Have you heard of Screencastify? It's a simple app that allows you to flip your classroom! Technology has made it super easy for teachers to deliver content outside of the classroom, which is one use for Screencastify. However, you can also use during station rotations. The possibilities are endless!

1:1 Ready: Use Screencastify and Flip

This summer, I’m getting 1:1 ready with simple tips, tricks, and discoveries for the blended classroom. We return in the fall (well, summer, really–90+ degree August hardly qualifies as fall) to a shiny Chromebook in each student’s hand and a skeptical furrow on each teacher’s brow. My goal is to make the impending transition as

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