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Do you struggle with cell phones in the classroom? They can be excellent tools for learning, but more often than not, they are a huge distraction. Check out this post about some of the ways students can use their portable devices for nefarious purposes and how the 1:1 classroom can offer a solution.

The Problem with Cell Phones

Back in the late 90s, I drove an 86 Cavalier that had a bad habit of breaking down in the most inopportune of places–the middle of the interstate when I was cruising in the center lane (fortunately in light traffic), at a traffic light on a major road during rush hour, exiting a parking garage

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Have you run into the issue of not being able to access a website due to Adobe Flash not being enabled? This happened to me during a recent lesson, and after a quick in-class Google, I figured out how to enable Adobe Flash on a Chromebook. This short blog post explains exactly how to fix this problem so that you don't run into the same mid-class problem that I did!

Enabling Adobe Flash on a Chomebook

My students were working on a simple activity in class last week–at least I thought it was simple.   They were to take a virtual tour of a medieval manor. They were to answer questions regarding that tour. They were to drag and drop pieces to label the parts of a manor.   I assigned

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Digital task cards are great, but just like more traditional teaching methods, they can become stale and old when used too frequently. In this post I describe how I switch up my digital task cards to make them more interesting for students. Be sure to read the post and chime in with how you update your content mid-year to keep it fresh for students!

Try Something New–Digital Task Cards

I was talking to a group of my social studies friends not too long ago about how easy it is to fall into a rut–even with the fun stuff. Kahoot!, Jeopardy, Quizlet Live, Quizziz, Gallery Walks, Cutting and Folding, Stations–these are all fun, for us and the students, but once you’re halfway through the year

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