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Collaborative Testing and New Year’s Freebies

This is how we usually test in my classroom: We break out the dividers, and close ourselves off. Talking is a cardinal sin, and we look down, down, down. That’s how testing should be, right? Well…yes. Most of the time. But last week, we tried something new. Collaborative testing. Notice, the dividers are stacked against

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Playing Games in Sociology

I’ve been teaching sociology for three years, now, and almost immediately, I stumbled upon Introsocsite. It’s a fantastic resource for any sociology teacher. I credit Introsocsite not only for the organization of my course, but also for some fun and highly useful games. Last week, when we were studying a unit on social organization, we

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Get Those Kids out of the Classroom!

I’m always looking to mix things up–even if it’s just to go outside on a beautiful day for a review game or a lesson. Just like anyone else, students appreciate a change of venue. And, let’s face it, different is memorable. This is when I get to have fun with my elective, sociology. I’m fortunate

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Color, Cut, Paste, Fold…POP! (Um…In High School)

You heard me–I’m bringing crafts to high school history class. Pop-ups aren’t just for babies anymore. I’m an equal-opportunity popper. At first, they complain. “We’re not in second grade.”  But slowly, they get into it, and what’s more, they remember it. We’re not just cutting to pass the time. There’s a method to my madness–a

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Guest Speakers, Research, and Notebooks, Oh My!

Busy Monday. I don’t know about the rest of you, but we are back with a vengeance at my school. A vengeance. I did manage to crawl out from under a pile of paperwork today to have a guest speaker in Sociology. She is a social worker from a local group home. At first, I

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Put Their Hands On…Interactive Notebooks

Sounds daunting, right? Well, it is, a little, when you’re first starting out. These things have been around since the 70s (so the technology involved is a xerox machine and a bottle of glue–no dittos, please), but they seem to be all the rage, lately. I have been teaching for 13 years now, seven of

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So, I’ve taught social studies for going on 7 years. But before that, I taught English. As an English-turned-social-studies-teacher, when I first embarked on the ever daunting world history course, I put an inordinate amount of time and thought into vocabulary. We all remember it from high school–the social studies vocabulary lists. Remember? It could

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