Get Those Kids out of the Classroom!

I’m always looking to mix things up–even if it’s just to go outside on a beautiful day for a review game or a lesson. Just like anyone else, students appreciate a change of venue. And, let’s face it, different is memorable.

This is when I get to have fun with my elective, sociology. I’m fortunate to work close to a town square and that we are on the block schedule, so walking field trips are no problem, with permission slips, of course.

But even if you’re not so fortunate, these things can be assigned for homework and discussed in class.

Last Tuesday, my students and I took a walking field trip to the town square to complete a socialization scavenger hunt. We walked and talked and listened to music–it was fun.

When we got to the square, I turned them loose to begin the scavenger hunt. They went into various shops and observed various people and answered questions about gender and age expectations.

This is the Socialization Scavenger Hunt that we used:

Socialization Scavenger Hunt
Get it Here!

The next day, they answered the questions on the last page, and we had a pretty good discussion about socialization and expectations for gender and age.

Getting the students out of the classroom is a great way to engage them in whatever you’re doing.
When do you get your students out of the classroom? What types of activities do you do? How has it worked out? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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