Holiday Break…What?

Yes, it is confusing…the holiday break. I, once again, awoke on the first morning of the break to the scratchy-throat-ed awareness that I was sick.

The holiday break is finally here - hooray! That is, until you wake up sick. While some of us may spend more holiday breaks than not recovering from illness, here are some free resources to help make your life a little easier!

I have a mile-long to do list each holiday, and each holiday, I get sick. I wallow on the couch, occasionally trying to get something done, but eventually succumbing to sleep. My son dances around me, asking if he can please have a coke or play “Grand Theft Auto.”

That’s the point when I lift my heavy head off the couch, croak a bleary “No!” and go back to sleep. I always awaken to him wasting his holiday away on Mincraft and cartoons.

Why does this happen every year? I don’t know, but I’ve spoken to many other teachers who often endure the same fate. Someone once told me, “We hold it together, and then we collapse.”


Teaching is a great, family-friendly profession that allows for great hours and a LOT of time off.

But the time off is spent recuperating from and preparing for the whirlwind race that is the school year.

So here’s to the holidays and making a teacher’s life easier. Free stuff for your classroom below. Try not to write any lessons for the next week, and happy holidays!

From me, here’s a free (for a limited time) lesson on analyzing primary sources. There are activities, a PowerPoint, and cloze notes.

Primary Source Analysis
Click Here!

Here are a set of free reading task cards from Jessica Tobin:

Self-Checking Story Element Cards
Click Here!

Here is a wonderful free Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt from Juggling ELA:

Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt
Click Here!

Or try this free clip art, perfect for Presidents’ Day from Charlotte’s Clips:

Presidents Day Clip Art
Click Here!

Enjoy, and let me know how your holiday is going in the comments below!

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