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Looking for an engaging way to teach your students about Valentine’s traditions in different cultures?  Check it out here!

How can students use AI to improve learning (not cheating) outcomes? Here are 3 ways for students to use AI Ethically in the classroom. Check them out here!

Try these 20 resources all ready to help you make learning active. Each activity has an explainer slide to slip into your presentation or to just project for students. These slides also have timers built in to encourage short
bursts of active discussion or work. Check them out here!

The only way to teach skills in world history is through content. This lesson helps you start the school year doing just that with Ancient Egypt. Grab it for free here!

After years of making New Year’s resolutions in January and breaking them by the second week in January, I’ve decided to give up on all but one this year. If I can make it stick, It just might help me survive another year in the classroom. Go here to see what it is!

AI–hate it or love it, it’s here to stay. It’s time to talk about how we’ll use it in instruction. Here are three ways to help us rethink it.

Struggling to engage your students after the pandemic? You’re not alone. The struggle had intensified after the pandemic.

We have to rethink education. This post explores one way to begin to do that.

Teaching psychology this year? Why not take one thing off your plate and grab this ready to go unit?

It’s got everything you need to engage students in an interactive psychology experience. Check it out here.

AI is everywhere. It’s found its way into creation tools and search engines. It’s generating blog posts, jingles, and images. It’s also generating essays for our students. For better or worse, AI is here to stay. It’s time to talk about 4 ways to use the powerful AI tool ChatGPT to your advantage in the classroom. This might change your life…Click HERE to find out how!

Round Two–Fight! Remember that Nintendo game, Street Fighter? My friends and I went back to school this year thinking we’d landed a knockout with those vaccinations. Nope. That was just the end of Round One.

Back in May, I sent a bunch of teachers a questionnaire about their takeaways from teaching in a pandemic. When I sent it, I was thinking, “This was a thing we did and now we’re moving on.” Something we’ve since learned isn’t quite true.

But I’m glad I sent the questionnaire and grateful they responded. The results and lessons learned are in this post.

We can’t discuss equity in the classroom without addressing racism. I get personal in this post, discuss my own shortcomings, and offer five ways to work toward racial equity. Click Here for more.

Do you feel like you’re teaching in uncertain times? You’re not alone. But there are certain things that will always be certain. Like–your students need you to be there for them. Click here to find out how to do that with Culturally Responsive Teaching in Any Setting.


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