World History

If you're looking to engage your world history students and really help them learn the subject, look no further. This complete world history curriculum is exactly what you're students need--it's hands-on and digital. It's a complete course with an organizational structure that's easy to follow. Plus, you can edit to suit your students' needs!

You might think, what’s the point of interactive notebooks?

The cutting, the gluing, the coloring.

Isn’t it a waste of time?

I know a lot of teachers who feel this way. Especially in the age of 1:1 and distance learning.

But there’s something visceral about the cutting, gluing, and coloring that sticks with students. It engages them and they remember the material.

Plus, it’s an organizational structure for an entire course that creates a really well-organized study guide. Many of your students struggle with executive-functioning (you know, those soft skills of organization, memory, problem-solving, emotional control, and focus). Having a fully realized course that’s organized, consistent, and engaging really helps with this.

I designed a world history curriculum of interactive notebooks for you. Each comes with daily lesson plans and tons of activities and assessment. They’re common core aligned for grades 6-12 and work great with advanced middle-schoolers and general high-schoolers.

I’ve been working hard to update them so that they’re editable–that way you can tweak them to your classroom needs, but they’re also ready for you to easily modify for distance learning. I have a tutorial for you about how to do this, just right click here to open it in a new tab.

As an added bonus, I’ve also added the growing bundle of digital resources to the complete curriculum, so if you have it already, just go back to the folder, and access the digital resources from there! I’ll be adding more digital resources periodically.

You Might Want to Know–What Exactly are interactive notebooks?

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All of the world history interactive notebooks bundled together at a steep discount. Thousands of PowerPoint Slides and pages of activities.

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Plus, it’s editable, so you can customize for your students’ needs!

Here’s what teachers are saying about it:

“Excellent classroom resource!! Everything needed for an entire semester of World History. Well thought out and engaging!” -Danny H.

“I have ADORED this resource as supplemental and fun additions to my curriculum. Leah is my FAVORITE TPT seller and I have purchased MANY things from her. Her resources give a different dimension to my past lessons and allowed me the time to TEACH the way I want to rather than searching for resources and scrambling to make things work.” -Nicholette W.

“This was my first time teaching World History in years but this product help me stay organized while helping my 9th grades get organized by working on an Interactive Notebooks. The resources are great and plentiful. Thank you for offering this product.” -Mary S.

Or get them separately….There are TONS of Activities and Assessments in Each Notebook!

An overview of the four old-world river valley civilizations, including an introduction to analyzing primary sources. Students will examine the major concepts behind civilizations– government, law, and religion. Foldable graphics, PowerPoints, and cloze notes will guide students through early Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China.
A look at Classical Greece from the Persian Wars through the death of Alexander the Great and Rome from Republic to Empire with a focus on lasting legacies, such as trial by jury, philosophy, and government. PowerPoints and cloze notes guide students through the content. Activities help them analyze content.
An overview of the Byzantine Empire, the rise of Islam, the Mongols, early Russia, and the European Middle Ages. Guide students with PowerPoints, cloze notes, and tons of interactive activities.
Hit the highlights of the Renaissance and the Reformation with this notebook. Help students to understand the rise of the modern world with PowerPoints, cloze notes, and source analysis.
Help students understand the foundations of globalization with this notebook. Students will learn about China and Japan in isolation, Native American and Muslim Empires, as well as European explorers and exploration.
Give a brief overview of The Age of Absolutism to prepare students for a study of the rise of the Enlightenment and the revolutions that followed. Use PowerPoints, cloze notes, foldable graphic organizers, and printables to help students understand this tumultuous period.
Trace the rise of industrialization from enclosure to urbanization and the advent of factories. Set a foundation for a study of the first world war with a look at imperialism. Guide students with Powerpoints or Prezis, cloze notes, foldable graphic organizers, a project, and a fun review game.
Explain the collapse of giant empires amid the unprecedented destruction of industrialized warfare using PowerPoints, close notes, foldable graphic organizers, and a video webquest.
Explain the years of crisis following the most destructive war the world has ever seen with PowerPoints, cloze notes, foldable graphic organizers, and a gallery walk. Discuss approaches to discussing genocide and the Path to the Second World War with station activities.
Teach students about major battles and turning points of World War II with PowerPoints, cloze notes, foldable graphic organizers, and a video webquest. 
Solve the problem of getting through the history of the world in a semester (block schedule) or a year (traditional schedule) with this notebook. It’s a topical look at major global issues following World War II. PowerPoints, cloze notes, and foldable graphic organizers galore!